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Interim IT services at CIO level

CIO Services

IT innovation supporting business creativity

CIO Services

A track record of successful organisation, outsourcing and digital transitions.

Business Driven IT

Business creativity and IT innovation power go hand in hand. This implies an IT partner who understands business and technology, brings the two together in agile teams, speaks both languages.

Driven by the creative process, we assist it with knowledge of internal processes and systems, knowledge of innovative IT solutions. We will generate support for these solutions in the business, in management and in IT.

Early involvement of IT in the creative process leads to a supported strategy and digital roadmap that allows teaming up of the business and IT teams.

A Winning Team

Employees are motivated by a job well done, by developing creative solutions, and simply by having fun at work. We assure their involvement in any transformation, transferring ownership of the changes to the full team.
Through proper delegation of authority an atmosphere of trust and commitment is created; own initiative and guts will lead to a can-do mentality and an organisation that delivers.
The result will be a smooth running IT department, a highly motivated team with turnover well below industry average. IT can be challenging, but it should also be fun.

IT Enabled Business

Enabling the business, starting with a stable operation, structural cost management and timely delivery of IT projects; the hygiene factors addressed as a starting point for innovation.

We will bring structure in areas as necessary, with knowledge of known methods and techniques, based on experience with implementations at previous clients.

Based on a solid performance, the IT department is able to shape the company’s digital strategy together with the business, where each contributes it’s own expertise to attain maximal synergy. An innovative IT, effective and efficient.

Business Creativity meets IT Innovation

Alignment lessons from road-cycling

Alignment lessons from road-cycling

Have you ever experienced how much energy it takes, if your team doesn’t “speak with one voice”? If your team only pays lip-service to your strategy, but some team members still hold (and voice!) strong opinions of their own?

A road-cycling team can show us the effectiveness of being aligned, quite literally.

CIO Services Launch

CIO Services Launch

Interim IT management based on deep knowledge of ICT as well as know-how in specific areas of managing, designing and organising the IT organisation and processes.