Welcome to the CIO Services website!

CIO Services was established in 2011, following demand in the market for interim IT managers with added value, managers having deep knowledge of ICT as well as know-how in specific areas of managing, designing and organising the IT organisation and processes.

We assist our customers with topics such as:

  • The traditional interim roles; managing a major change in IT, a major reorganization or a large program.
  • IT Governance, what is it, and how do I implement it?
  • Outsourcing, what are the pitfalls? Are the promises made by suppliers too good to be true; how do I stay in control?
  • How do I keep my IT team well-organised and functioning, while we are restructuring and outsourcing?
  • How can I control the flood of projects, while keeping the business happy?

Our expertise is clustered into 4 groups; structuring an IT department, effective and efficient use of IT budget, converging IT & Business, and planning & IT strategy. This website provides additional information regarding these topics, and our expertise in these areas.

Our mission and vision play an important role in all our services. We strongly believe in IT-business convergence, and a well-defined IT governance. This is reflected in our mission statement “Bringing together business and IT“. In our vision, the IT strategy is aligned with the overall business strategy, and supports it. Transparency exists about cost AND value add of IT. In other words, IT not as a cost centre, but as a respected contributor to the overall business value chain.