About us

CIO Services was established in 2011, following demand in the market for IT change managers with added value, managers having deep knowledge of IT as well as know-how in specific areas of managing, designing and organising the IT organisation and processes.

We have extensive experience in organising and managing IT departments and programs; in managing IT portfolio and spend; in assuring business-IT convergence, and in planning longterm IT strategies. We consider a balanced business-IT relation vital for the long-term success of a company.

We combine strategic and organisational insight with a result-oriented management style, supported by a deep knowledge of IT. Our approach is based on trust and reputation, a firm belief in the capabilities of the professionals we manage. Guiding if possible, directing where needed. Managing on output, with a strong goal-oriented approach, always geared towards the end-result.

IT & Business Strategy

In our vision, the IT strategy is aligned with the overall business strategy, and supports it. Business strategy drives IT investments; IT vision for innovation supports business opportunities while maintaining an efficient and effective ICT infrastructure through continuous improvement.

The CIO is a mainstream business leader focused on driving corporate strategy and execution through innovative deployments and perspectives on technology. The CIO is ideally placed for this role, combining excellent IT expertise with thorough knowledge of the business strategy and all core business processes.

In our vision, transparency exists about cost AND value add of IT. In other words, IT not as a cost centre, but as a contributor to the overall business value chain. ICT contributes to the overall company performance, through structural cost management, efficient use of IT, and by effective application of IT in the business. Again, business and IT convergence come back into play.


We strongly believe in IT-business convergence, and a well-defined IT governance. This is reflected in our mission statement “Bringing together business and IT“. Effective convergence of business and IT is based on mutual trust, and only possible with a solid reputation and track record. Stable operations, structural cost management and reliable project delivery are key to the reputation of IT.

Based on our own experience and deep knowledge of IT we will define the organisational framework to enhance this reputation. With proper delegation of authority an atmosphere of trust and commitment is created; own initiative and guts will lead to a can-do mentality and an organisation that delivers. We have been very successful with this approach, it has led to extremely reliable delivery of projects and a reliable and stable IT infrastructure.

Having established a solid reputation and an effective and efficient IT, opportunities arise to contribute to the long term company strategy; a strategy which can now be based on the shared vision and expertise of business and IT.