Business driven IT

Strategy – Portfolio – Governance

Business driven IT

Business creativity and IT innovation power go hand in hand. This implies an IT partner who understands business and technology, brings the two together in agile teams, speaks both languages.

Driven by the creative process, we assist it with knowledge of internal processes and systems, knowledge of innovative IT solutions. We will generate support for these solutions in the business, in management and in IT.

Early involvement of IT in the creative process leads to a supported strategy and digital roadmap that allows teaming up of the business and IT teams.


The IT strategy is integrated into the overall business strategy. The business strategy drives IT investments; the IT vision for innovation supports business opportunities while maintaining an efficient and effective IT infrastructure through continuous improvement.

Transparency exists about cost and value add of IT. In other words, IT not as a cost centre, but as a contributor to the overall business value chain. IT contributes to the overall company performance, through structural cost management, efficient use of IT, and by effective application of IT in the business.


Project portfolio management: a business process by which a business decides on the most effective mix of active projects, staffing and budget allocated to each project currently being undertaken; enabling the right investments to be chosen, returning the largest business benefits. The right mix of revenue growth, efficiency, sustainability and maintenance.

The process takes into account project ROI, risks, strategic alignment, assets, resources, architecture, quality and knowledge. The portfolio reflects the strategic plan and builds on the enterprise roadmap architecture.

IT Governance

Governing IT in these areas:

  • Strategic alignment – are IT and business strategy fully aligned
  • Value delivery – does IT contribute to the business targets
  • Resources – is there optimal usage of available resources
  • Risk – does the portfolio have the right mix of innovation and continuity
  • Performance – does IT deliver to expecations

Business Creativity meets IT Innovation